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It’s well documented that I’m not the greatest cook. Easy recipes, sure. But I wouldn’t classify myself as a “cook” by any means. So when I find a recipe that’s simple to make, looks as good as the photo, and tastes delicious – I jump for joy! Besides, how often does a recipe actually turn out like the photo? It’s a miracle when it happens.

I’ve tried lots of recipes, and while most are flops, others rise to the occasion. These wonderful recipes are not my own, but they are too darn good not to share. They are the faithful few that never disappoint. Here are my picks for the Best of Blog Recipes.

LUNCH: Quinoa Salad

I distinctly remember the day that my husband and I walked into Costco, and walked out with a giant bag of quinoa. I realized on the way home that I had just jumped on the quinoa bandwagon without knowing the first thing about it. How the heck do you cook it? A few Google searches later, I ended up on the Mrs. Smith Cooks blog where I found this little number. Okay, so it’s not the prettiest salad, but IT’S DELICIOUS! The only modification I made was to omit my arch-nemesis Cilantro, but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly. Turns out great every time, and is the perfect, light workday lunch. Click here for the recipe.

DINNER: Meatloaf


Meatloaf_4Growing up Italian, meatloaf wasn’t in my vocabulary. I was introduced to it only when I got married to my non-Italian husband, and wasn’t all that thrilled to try it. Meat….Loaf….what about that sounds appealing? Then this recipe came around from Pioneer Woman, and my meatloaf world changed (yes, there’s a world for it). This is the holy grail of meatloaf recipes. Trust me. If you’ve never liked meatloaf, you need to give it another try with this recipe. Besides, it’s wrapped in BACON. How can you say no? Click here for the recipe.

DESSERT: Apple Dumplings


I’ve recently been getting into a lot more Southern cooking for a few reasons. #1: It’s “exotic” to an Italian. #2: There’s butter. #3: There’s butter.

I fell in love with this easy apple dumpling recipe from Trisha Yearwood (okay, so it’s technically not a blog). My only modifications; if you want to make the sixteen apple dumplings that this recipe makes, you need to buy two tins (not one), as each tin has ten biscuits. Not sure what tins they sell in the U.S., but one tin didn’t cut it. Also, I reduced the amount of cinnamon. Click here for the recipe.

I made ten dumplings instead since it was just for my husband and I, but we somehow ate six in one sitting. Shh…don’t tell anyone.

Hope you enjoy these sinfully delicious recipes! The quinoa one is healthy, so it’s not that sinful. Unless you eat it all in one sitting. In that case, it’s sinful. Let’s just not count the calories, k? ;)


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