5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell


I’ve been a tad tardy on the posts lately; work has been really busy, and I just got hooked on House of Cards. And while I should have be posting, I’ve instead been enjoying far too many treats, lounging in my Lululemon’s, binge watching fictional Washington politics.   Aside from that, my husband and I […]

Best of Blog Recipes


It’s well documented that I’m not the greatest cook. Easy recipes, sure. But I wouldn’t classify myself as a “cook” by any means. So when I find a recipe that’s simple to make, looks as good as the photo, and tastes delicious – I jump for joy! Besides, how often does a recipe actually turn […]

Coconut Rice Recipe


One of the things on my ever-expanding bucket list was to live in another country. An opportunity arose after college to finish my degree at a university in Australia, and before I knew it, my bags were packed and I was en route to the Gold Coast. While living there, I would frequently walk over […]

Review: 2014 Canadian International Auto Show


Cameras flashing, models strutting, and circus acts dazzling crowds? Combine this with roaring engines and you have one thing; the 2014 Canadian International Auto Show. Running from February 14th – 23rd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Auto Show is back this year with the latest models to impress would-be buyers. Armed with tickets […]

Great Expectations


It’s that time of year again when cupid makes an appearance, roses quadruple in price, and chocolates come in heart shaped boxes. I’ve read a lot of blog posts bashing the holiday, and while I’m by no means “for it” per se, I think it deserves a little credit. We have these great expectations for […]